Kidzz combines flexibility, atmosphere and reliability in a bilingual child care. Our attractive educational programs offer your child the opportunity to develop optimally in a safe and loving environment.

Pedagogical Vision

Every day, KIDZZ provides a balanced educational program in a safe and stimulating environment. You can be assured that your child will develop not only social, emotional, physical and mental skills, but also have a lot of fun! Our enthusiastic and committed teachers will continue to surprise your child with opportunities to play, grow and discover.


Playful Learning

Playing teaches children life skills, enriches their development and helps them to understand the world around them. Learning by playing at KIDZZ includes: sand and water games, mud games, outdoor games, crafts, stories, role play, music and songs, sensory games and much more.

All these activities enable children to develop their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, creative, communication and language skills. Children are supervised by our teachers to enable learning opportunities through play. Our teachers encourage development, such as helping children to express themselves, solve problems, negotiate and acquire important social skills, such as playing together and making friends.


During the care of the children at Kidzz, a safe adhesion and the self-development of the child are central. We are convinced that only by a safe bond between child and teacher, the child can develop optimally. A child needs confidence, empathy, and affection and the teachers can make a great contribution to the development of these traits. This will enable the child to enter into safe and lasting relationships at a later age.


Positive correction

We correct unwanted behavior at KIDZZ in a positive way, often using positive reinforcement, this is how the children develop empathy. If the children are shown respect, they retain their dignity, which will help them use these skills later in life.

It is very important to give compliments to the children and not always appoint what they do wrong. For example, if a child does not want to clean up the toys, a song is sung together to encourage the child. Cleaning up together and complimenting the child helps encourage them.

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